We learned from so much compelling science content out there. It’s fun, irreverent, fascinating, revealing and not dry classroom test tube stuff. More importantly it has a clear voice. It doesn’t sound like your science teacher. It’s familiar, approachable, witty and a teeny bit of attitude.

Starting from the top, Science is a part of Discovery but not entirely them – more their experimental subset. The internet has infused new meaning into the slash. It’s become shorthand for a sub-section or niche. The slash screams part of, but not entirely. So we took the humble yet cool slash and elevated it to a design icon. That slash runs through everything Science does.

Whether it's Franklin, Tesla or Musk, science is forever challenging the status quo. So equally, we questioned and challenged the voice, language and tone of this channel and channels in general. We wanted something that used the language of our viewers, (not the language of television).

We wanted something that was clear, distinct from every other net and had something unique about it. Like some of the digital brands we looked at, we wanted to be smart, witty and not take ourselves too seriously. Ultimately we wanted to geek out with our viewers not at them. So while we were searching for our look, we also found our voice...

...and our look; a minimal color palette built on bright, cosmic colors helps the brand stand out in a sea of multiple-color scheme choices. Big, bold and easy-to-read typography engage the viewer. We are not obnoxious. But we won't be ignored. Hypnotic videos, GIFs and full-screen overlays. All hail The Slash / This device allows us to contain, reveal and separate text and visuals. It’s simple, elegant and utilitarian.

84% of millennials don’t like traditional ads. We wanted our viewers to engage with the breaks as much as the shows, and with a nod to Adult Swim, we brought our new voice into bumps and promos, offering bites of knowledge, relevant news, jokes, mind-blowing moments, blurring the lines between breaks and content. As a bonus, the promos could live on every other platform Science viewers engage with, on or offline.