Alaska: The Last Frontier

I worked on the campaign for Season 7 of Alaska: The Last Frontier, from conception to photoshoot to production and Key Art.

Without upgrades, the Kilcher's way of life is in jeopardy. The winters are worsening and the homestead isn’t up to snuff. For the Kilchers to persevere and secure a future for their next generations, they need some upgrades. Our concept of Knolling plays with notions of how technology can solve problems. Where we see silicon and microchips, the Kilcher Family sees brick and mortar. Treating the hard work it takes to replace a roof, to fashion new pipes, and carry a house frame as works of next-gen tech shows the season’s higher stakes and winks at why people watch.

With direction from Scott Ruhl, copywriting by Matt Stangl, and production by Chris Domkoski.