Discovery Channel

I work at Discovery Communications right now. Here are some of the things I've made:

I made a bunch of things for Shark Week, including some stuff for the 30th Anniversary of Shark Week.

For Shark Week 2017, I did a complete takeover of the Fulton Center in New York City. Phelps VS. Shark, despite the reviews, ended up being one of the most watched TV programs of 2017.

I made Key Art for the New Season of Mythbusters! With a new cast ready to take the reigns, we wanted to open the season showcasing their unique chemistry.

I made Key Art and Digital ads for Discovery's Motor Mega Week, a special week bringing together Discovery's biggest, baddest racing stars.

I made an animated billboard for Discovery's Project Cat initiative, conserving acres for tigers. It lived on Times Square at 42nd and 7th for two weeks. We wanted to grab the attention of everyone going by, so we captured a tiger's gaze and projected it front and center.

I did out-of-home advertisements for the show Manhunt: Unabomber, such as these NYC Subway ads and Digital Billboards that went up somewhere in Los Angeles:

I also did an ad that went on Snapchat!

Discovery loves having me do countdown videos. They're short videos that go on twitter and instagram, showing a compelling image and a counter. They generate tons of hype leading up to a show, usually tens of thousands of hits. Here are some that I did for Manhunt:

Last thing real quick: here's a logo that I did for Puppy Bowl XIV: