MY_ is a platform for personally curated, interactive tourist experiences for young people with edgy or eclectic tastes. In a nutshell, MY_ uses a short personality test to bring you "hand-picked" things to do and places to see in the coolest cities across the world.

Onboarding is simple. Just answer a few personality questions, phrased to be more casual and less imperative. The style, feeling, and cost of places and events that will be shown to you.

Users then select from things they like to do, and resize based how much they like to do them. The bigger the bubble, the more influence that category will have on the results.

When your profile is all done, you will be given a large bundle of location cards to swipe through. Each of the location cards you'll see is defined strictly by your profile. Each of the cards is reviewed by locals and given a guarantee by MY_ to be interesting and worth your time. Cards are sorted by proximity to you (default), popularity, and when you're a little ways into the app, saved locations. Featured companies can pay a little extra to boost their popularity inside the app.

Dragging up on a card brings up more information and upcoming or currently happening events. Each location also has a tab for comments and discussions. Comments are filtered to avoid bad language and racism, but can still be flagged for moderator review.

Users can also see a map of every location that fits their profile around them. When you zoom in enough, the names of each location are shown.

MY_ allows users to build an itinerary. Users set a date range and a general time range (when do they like to be up and active?) and MY_ will create a list of things to do. Using the itinerary feature additionally allows users to view upcoming events such as concerts as well as locations.

Users can set reminders for certain things. You'll get a notification when it's time to go. The unique proposition MY_ offers is it's "hand-selectedness." As well as locations being researched by a team of local volunteers, users can submit unique locations they find for review.

Icons, User Flow, and Wireframes.